Heyyy! I'm Kelly, nice to meet you 👋 I live in Venice Beach, CA and I love to travel, take pics of palm trees, read non-fiction books 🤓 & do anything creative. You can usually find me walking on the beach or editing photos on my iPhone. 

I've been working in the design/creative field for almost 10 years doing:
- graphic design
- web development
- creative direction & branding
- digital marketing
- current status: art director at Tone It Up 

I want to show YOU all my tips & tricks so that you can take the creative power into your own hands 🙌 Whether it's designing a logo, taking the perfect instagram photo, or finallllly getting that website up and running - I love sharing creative tools that will bring your ideas to life. 


Ok maybe we’re not on email level YET… but if you wanna do some light instagram/social media stalking, see below 😉